Why do I need an Insurance Broker?

Advantage of hiring an insurance broker

An insurance broker represents many insurance companies therefore he can shop the market therefore you don’t have to, whereas agent represents only one company and often won’t have all the products to suit your needs.

Here is why insurance broker firm is important for you:

Save time and money – finding the right insurance policy at the right price takes time, one needs to make many phone calls, research the net and comparing all the variables takes time and patience.
Delegate this to an experienced insurance broker who will take care of everything

Do you know insurance? Insurance broker does, many years of learning and understanding how insurance works makes him insurance specialist.
Leverage insurance broker experience to your advantage.

Insurance policy provisions can be complex – insurance policy doesn’t cover everything and if you don’t know insurance than you may end up signing up for a policy that may exclude the benefits you are trying to cover.
Your best insurance policy is your insurance broker.

Advice and service is free – insurance company pays insurance broker therefore consultation or getting a no obligation market survey doesn’t cost you anything.

Professional practice standards – all insurance professionals are government licensed and insurance broker has to satisfy licensing requirements at each renewal.
Insurance broker has to maintain high standards to look after client interest first.

Being an independent insurance broker firm since 1993 our vertical growth is due to the good will of those we serve.
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